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Born and bred in Hertfordshire, Lucy travels as often as possible but hasn’t yet found a more compelling place to call home.

Graphics class in secondary school gave her a first taste of the joy of the design world.  She was hooked on the challenges of problem solving in real time and teamwork to get visible results.  And who doesn’t like pictures more than English or Maths?

Her passion is uniting fonts, colors, images, and layout to help people translate their ideas into marketable images.  Her clients are in a variety of industries, including a gym, a travel blogger and sports team such as Norwich City FC.  For each project, Lucy invests the time to interpret the client’s vision and work collaboratively to design apparel, websites, packaging, logos, and more.

Even when not working, Lucy thrives on creativity.  In her spare time, she is teaching herself 3-D printing and woodworking.  Other hobbies include spending time with her pets (cats, dogs, and a mini pig), and photographing whatever is at hand, whether at home or abroad.

If you’re interested in working with Lucy, or simply hearing about her pig, contact her here.

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